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Monoclonal antibody

Anti Prion protein antibody
(for research use)

Prion protein (PrP) is strongly expressed in transmissible spongiform encephalopathies(TSEs)infected animal brain (sheep scrapie, bovine spongiform encephalopathy(BSE, human Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease(CJD)etc).And the feature is that PrP not known pathogen but it have infectivity,and the pathogenesis is caused by altered PrP protein expression. PrP exist as PrP C in normal cell cytoplasm or infective PrP Sc,however these have same amino acid sequences and no posttranslational modification.It is considered these proteins differences are depending on each protein structure.

** PrP C : normal form , PrP Sc : infective form


  • PrP C or PrP Sc detectable mouse monoclonal antibodies.
  • All products are purified with gel filtration chromatography from high density hybridoma culture supernatant. Therefore not found dimmer antibody and the reduction of antibody activity,which are often observed in affinity purified antibody.
  • Not including FBS origin protein.
  • For PrP C detection by flowcytometry
  • For PrP C & PrP Sc detection by western blot
  • For PrP Sc detection by immunohistochemical staining
  • For PrP detection of mouse & hamster

Product Information: 

Product Name Code Number Specificity Size Price
Anti-PrP(Clone#106) PrP-Mo-106-1 PrP Sc 100 μg ¥50,000
Anti-PrP(Clone#110) PrP-Mo-110-1 PrP Sc 100 μg ¥50,000
Anti-PrP(Clone#132) PrP-Mo-132-1 PrP Sc 100 μg ¥50,000
Anti-PrP(Clone#31C6) PrP-Mo-31C6-1 PrP c、PrP Sc 100 μg ¥50,000
Anti-PrP(Clone#43C5) PrP-Mo-43C5-1 PrP c、PrP Sc 100 μg ¥50,000


Research use only.
Not for use clinical diagnosis.

Experimental example

Western blot

Western blot

PrP Sc detection

bovine spongiform encephalopathy (Bo)、sheep scrapie(Sh)and Prion infected mouse brain(Mo)(Kim et al., Virology, 2004)

Flow Cytometer

Western blot

PrP C detection

Cell:Neuro2a mouse neuroblast
NC: negative control antibody
Clone #132: no react with cell surface PrP C

– Fluorescent antibody method


Clone #132

Prion infected mouse frozen section.
Prion strain:Chandler strain
Inoculation after 90days (Thalamic)


Clone #132

Prion infected primary neural culture cell(Mouse brain cortex)
Prion strain:22L strain
Inoculation after 22days
(Sakai et al., J. Virol., 2013)


Clone #31C6

Cell:Neuro2a mouse neuroblast PrP
(frozen section、cell)

Immunohistochemical staining


Clone #31C6

PrP Sc detection in mouse brain tissue.
PrP strain: Obihiro strain, ICR mouse
Formalin fixed tissue

Data provided by Prof. Motohiro HORIUCHI, Graduate School of veterinary medicine, Hokkaido University

1)Kim, C.-L., Umetani, A., Matsui, T., Ishiguro, N., Shinagawa, M., Horiuchi, M., (2004) Antigenic characterization of an abnormal isoform of prion protein using a new diverse panel of monoclonal antibodies. Virology 320:40-51

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